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Our friendship with golden retrievers started in 2006, when AMIGO MUNDY LA FRESKA from kennel FRESKA arrived to our home. He changed the settled routine of our lives.

Everyday walks with the dog, training in dog training centre "NASRAI", and first debuts in shows. It all was new to us, and we wanted to progress in those previously unexplored areas. We suddenly noticed that all of our weekends became trips to nature, meetings with friends, shows, and the geography has expanded greatly. Amigo became a real member of the family, and has won our hearts.

This leads to our second dog – the little MARCHELLO, from kennel NENUORAMOS. Growing together with AMIGO, made the perfect tandem fulfilling each other. Always solid and serious AMIGO, and never-sit-still MARCHELLO.

We can say for sure that golden retrievers came to stay into our lives. They helped us to find new hobbies, meet new friends, encouraged us to learn about dogs, train them and these activities are still going on.


We would like to thank Gitana Lapinskaitė from kennel FRESKA for white fluffy miracle that changed our lives, Sonata Petraitienė from kennel NENUORAMOS for the little MARCHELLO, and her help and assistance while growing up the puppy, all advices given in shows, and all the others that helped us to explore the cynology.

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